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The Other Side of Civilization
Pinnie Gupta

Vivid, visceral, and deeply moving! In part, riveting historical fiction set against the tumultuous backdrop of India’s painful Partition to create Pakistan in the aftermath of British Imperialism.  In part a sensitive—sometimes haunting—examination of both the plight and power of women in Indian culture. Punctuated with keen wit and subtle satire, Pinnie Gupta expertly layers triumph and tragedy as the characters in these stories lay bare human frailties and miraculous strength.  

The Business of Professional Modeling
by Hannah Weston

The Business of Professional Modeling provides a no-nonsense look at the business side of the Modeling industry and features the work of 21 photographers, 50 models & 40 MUAs and stylists. Essential for aspiring and even semi-professional models who want to succeed in this highly competitive and lucrative profession.  112 pages in full color. Purchase at Amazon Now!


En Kharakas: Though Heavens May Fall
Sam Kerillion

En Kharakas.  Twin Goddesses, Ariel & Leira, struggle for survival, pitted against one another by the Evils of Bane.  Goddesses war upon one another and a little boy stands between them with a few friends at his shoulder.  NyteOrchid, the Sorceress.  Shehrah, the Ashe Elf.  Shingen, the Warrior.  When Evil reaches toward the boy, his allies will fight for his life and raze the realm...Though Heavens May Fall!  388 pages.  Purchase at Amazon now!

2010 Look Book
Hannah Weston

The 2010 Look Book is not your typical fashion book!  Aspiring & semi-pro models from around the country were invited to conceive and shoot their "dream" image to be seen by decision-makers in the modeling & fashion communities.  Flip the pages of the 2010 Look Book and see aspiring Runway Models alongside images of Petites, Lifestyle (everyday people), Catalog, Commercial and other industry hopefuls!

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The Homeowner's Guide to Heating, Cooling & Indoor Air Quality
by Henry Morgan

This essential part of every family bookshelf can help save you thousands of dollars and can help you avoid bad decisions that may have ramifications for years to come when you are suddenly faced with the need to replace your HVAC system. If you are looking for no-frills answers to the basic questions that arise when you need warmer, cooler or cleaner air within your home, you’ll be satisfied by the end of this booklet. 


Homeowner's Guide to Heating, Cooling & Indoor Air Quality

Our Fathers Weep

Our Fathers Weep: It's the Constitution, Stupid!
Hellesponte & Kerodin

This book is not for the politically timid. Excerpt: Any citizen who supports using the force of Government to advance and impose Liberal ideals in contravention to the letter and spirit of our Constitution is an enemy of Liberty and an enemy of the republic. This author is known for his Jeffersonian approach to politics, and pulls no punches in this hard hitting examination of the modern political state of the nation. The author contends that the nation is upon the precipice of ruin, where once stood the Roman Empire after Caesar crossed the Rubicon, and calls for the immediate return to traditional Jeffersonian principles to save the republic.

III to Liberty: The Fight to Restore the Constitution
III Percent Patriots 527

The 2012 elections will be the most important the republic has ever faced.  Parts of the Tea Party have been manipulated and rendered ineffective by the Establishment, though the people who made the Tea Parties powerful are still in our communities, and still outraged by the destruction of our country.

III Percent Patriots believe in the Founding Principles of the republic, and are infused with the mettle & grit of Captain John Parker and his Minutemen.  This book outlines their 2012 Political Platform, calling for a return to core American values and limits on Government.

An outstanding, important book for all
who seek political remedy for the republic!   


III to Liberty