SHTF Firearms & Go Bags (Late Spring 2012) Gun bloggers and writers with a daily audience of more than 200,000 unique visitors have been assembled to write for this exciting print project!  Reviews of defensive firearms and gear, the importance of preparations for natural disasters and home defense, an encyclopedic catalog of guns and gear offered by the best names in the industry all contribute to this amazing project that will set a new standard for annual firearms publications!  Full details for this project at: SHTFGoBag.com

Tea Party 2012 (Summer 2012) Several writers will examine the impact of the Tea Party on the 2012 Election Cycle.  This project will be available in October, just before the election.

Extraordinaire: Fashion (Summer 2012) Fashion Models & Photographers showcasing their favorite images in beautiful clothing and jewelry!  This project will feature the latest styles and trends, and will include several of the industry's leading talent who will share their insights for aspiring Models and Photographers.  This book will be a perfect complement to The Business of Professional Modeling.

Potomac Lifestyle Magazine: 2012 Charity Drive Special Edition (Fall 2012) Kerodina Press is publishing a Special Edition of Potomac Lifestyle print magazine to showcase the 2012 Potomac Charity Drive!  This very special issue of the magazine will be mailed to every household in Potomac, Maryland (20854).  At 12x9 and printed on the highest quality glossy paper, this Special Edition will be an extraordinary opportunity for advertisers who want to reach this affluent demographic.  Click Here for details

Extraordinaire: LBD Book (Fall 2012) Every woman must own a few LBD's!  We begin with the iconic Little Black Dress, then move into major fashion capitals of the world to capture how the most beautiful fashion models of the world present this classic wardrobe feature.  Discretion is the word of the day - until the unveiling! 

En Kharakas: Shohain (Spring 2012) The second book in this remarkable fantasy series by Sam Kerillion.